Global Encryption Day 2022

Online, 21 October 2022

Hosted by Global Encryption Coalition

On Global Encryption Day 2022, we joined our efforts to protect end-to-end encryption and defeat any proposals that undermine it:

  • Community members held over 60 events worldwide.
  • 180 organizations signed the Global Encryption Day Statement calling on governments and the private sector to reject efforts to undermine encryption and instead pursue policies that enhance, strengthen, and promote use of strong encryption to protect people everywhere
  • We had more than 2 million visits to our website and reached more than 9.5 million people, learning more about why encryption is critical to our lives. 

Why End-to-end Encryption Is Essential

Strong encryption is a fundamental part of how we remain safe online and offline. It means people can communicate with another person safe in the knowledge no one is listening in or tampering with their messages. 

Despite this, governments around the world are ramping up their attacks on end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Governments view it as a hurdle for law enforcement agencies. But systematically weakening people’s digital safety is not the answer. 

End-to-end encryption is the gold standard of security in a world where daily life is increasingly online. We need to push back against government efforts to undermine E2EE.

End-to-end encryption protects us all – that’s why we need to protect it.