Global Encryption Coalition

Join us for Global Encryption Day 2022

Strong encryption is the standard that is keeping billions of people safe every day. We need to push back against government efforts to undermine it.

On Global Encryption Day, we need you to join our efforts to defend strong encryption. End-to-end encryption protects all of us – that’s why we all need to protect it.

Encryption safeguards the personal security of billions of people and the national security of countries around the world.

The Global Encryption Coalition (GEC) was founded in 2020 by the Center for Democracy & Technology, Global Partners Digital and the Internet Society and now has over 300 members.

Its mission is to promote and defend encryption in key countries and multilateral fora where it is under threat. The GEC also supports efforts by companies to offer encrypted services to their users.

Every day, we face encryption threats around the world. Find out what we do to mitigate them.

What did people and organizations tell us on their choice to use and implement strong encryption?

Since adopting end-to-end encryption in 2016, WhatsApp has secured more than 100 trillion private messages for over two billion users. We believe that people should have the ability to have a private digital conversation just as we can in person. We’re proud to advance and defend privacy and security that will only become more important ... Read More

Security and privacy are vitally important to Zoom users. Both free and paid users can opt to host end-to-end encrypted meetings within their accounts. Zoom E2EE meetings can accommodate up to 1,000 people! As a global leader for secure communications, we look forward to expanding our support for E2EE to Zoom Phone in the ... Read More

Tutanota is the secure email service that automatically protects all data with end-to-end encryption. In today’s internet, encryption is the best tool we have to protect our sensitive data from prying eyes. To fight for our right to privacy – to protect journalists, whistleblowers, human rights activists as well as all citizens around the world ... Read More

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