Upcoming Events

Encryption As Grassroots Human Rights Defenders Tool To Information Security And Data Protection

This event seeks to promote encryption tools to grassroots human rights defenders, journalists and activists and grassroots organizations as a
21 October 2022
Jitsi, Livestream

Global Encryption Day 2022

End-to-end encryption protects us all – that’s why we need to protect it. Be a part of the Global Encryption
21 October 2022

Past Events

Global Encryption Coalition Webinar: Germany’s New Position on Encryption

In their coalition agreement, Germany’s new coalition government outlined their policy positions for the next four years. (1) In the ...
26 January 2022

Global Encryption Day 2021

Make the Switch to end-to-end encryption on Global Encryption Day and build a more secure Internet.  ...
21 October 2021

Global Encryption Coalition Webinar: How strong encryption is the new ‘key’ to SME success

Three European tech SMEs reveal the ways SMEs they use encryption practices to underpins their business success ...
8 April 2021

Global Encryption Coalition Webinar: Government Hacking

What we know, and what we think we know about government phone hacking ...
25 February 2021

Internet Governance Forum 2020 Session

Encryption safeguards the personal security of billions of people and the national security of countries around the world ...
6 November 2020

Health, Encryption & COVID-19: Keeping people and countries safer online

Learn how encryption is a critical tool helping people and countries navigate a global health crisis ...
14 May 2020