Everyone should have access to encryption.

Use our toolkits, factsheets, papers, and other documents to learn how to use encryption to defend it, and to protect yourself and others.

What is Encryption and How It Works

Modern encryption scrambles data using a secret value or key known only by the recipient and the sender.

Why is Encryption Essential?

Encryption keeps us safe, protects our privacy and it matters to all of us.

Why is Encryption Under Threat?

When the use of encryption is weakened or limited, all of us are put at greater risk.

How to Protect Yourself

End-to-end encryption is the most secure form of encryption that you can use. Learn how to keep yourself as safe as you can be.

Advocate for Strong Encryption

Our advocacy toolkit will help you advocate for encryption on the ground and help us grow a voice that is too powerful to ignore.

Learn More About Encryption

Watch our videos about encryption and learn how it keeps us safe online.