Encryption Awareness Month 2022 (End-to-end Encryption, the lodestar to Safe communication Online)

Liberia, Liberia, 21 October 2022

Hosted by Internet Society Liberia Chapter

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Liberia’s critical information technology infrastructure depends on information networks to operate. Liberians rely on this infrastructure for interaction in society, including social, political, and civic actions to increase the likelihood that their voices be heard, adversarial actors such as hackers, terrorist groups, fishing phishing can cause potential injury to citizen’s businesses and potentially bring the nation to its knees by attacking critical information technology infrastructure through invading individuals or institutional privacy. The privacy attackers, the fishing phishing, social engineers, and the backdoor operators can work without detection for years and can remain hidden from any countermeasures. The proliferation of these actions unknown to the affected, indeed emphasizes the need for the increased campaign on encryption throughout Liberian society, and the need for the citizenry to be cautioned about the need for end-to-end encryption on all their online communications and devices. The fight is for people to understand the use of unencrypted materials and devices every day and it is worth understanding the use of protecting those materials and devices to keep their communications safe.

In this one-day intensive and interactive awareness campaign, ISOC Liberia will target journalists and university students. The use of radio stations, newspapers, printed t-shirts, social media, distribution of flyers, and banners will be used to target the public and elsewhere.

Please reach out to ISOC Liberia to find out how you can be involved in this year’s campaign!