An Informative Session on Data Encryption and Its Application in Ethiopia

Online, Ethiopia, 21 October 2022, 12:00 UTC

Hosted by Internet Society Ethiopia Chapter

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What is Encryption
Encryption in cyber security is the process of scrambling or enciphering data from a readable format into an encoded format. This procedure is used to protect data stored in computer systems and data transmitted via computer networks, including the Internet.

Encryption is said to be the basic and necessary feature for safe and trusted communication that allows only authorised parties to understand the information. Understanding Encryption and its use is very critical for all practitioners in today’s digital age. This specific webinar session aims to bring together the theoretical and practical knowledge of encryption in a single discussion stage; giving high emphasis to the different use cases of encryption technology in the Ethiopian context.

Purpose of the Webinar
The webinar session is to commence with a theoretical presentation of Encryption as technology from an Academic background. This would allow us to kick start with a foundation and fundamental concepts of encryption and how it works. Followed by technical representatives from different sectors going through some of the practical applications and use cases of end-to-end encryption within their technological environments. This specific part of the session will enable the audience to relate the conceptual discussion to a more realistically applicable practice.

The objective of this webinar is to create an understanding on the importance of encryption. Key questions to be addressed during this session include:

-> What is encryption and how does it work?
-> Why does encryption matter?
-> Where do we use Encryption? and
-> What are the application areas of encryption technology in different sectors?

The target audience for this webinar is technology students & enthusiasts,
network engineers, security professionals, technical communities & practitioners, Journalists, and the Internet community at large