Encryption as Life Style

Tokyo, Japan, 22 October 2022

Hosted by JCA-NET(Japan)

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Date: 22 Oct (Sat), 15:00 (Japan time)
Online webinar
Japanese language only, no interpretation

Cryptography, as an essential mechanism for computer communications, is becoming increasingly popular in government and business. On the other hand, it is still common for ordinary users to leave the most routinely used emails and data stored on their computers unencrypted. The challenge is for users to introduce an ‘encryption’ mechanism in a self-aware manner.

While governments respect encryption in corporate and government security, in the name of criminal investigations and counter-terrorism, governments are also actively trying to regulate undecipherable encryption and weakening encryption by involving telecommunications companies.

Rather than encrypting only important confidential documents, it is better to encrypt all communications and data as far as possible on a daily routine basis to ensure better protection of important documents. In this sense, it is important that we are able to use encryption as a matter of course in our communications.

This seminar will introduce services such as encryption services which enable encryption with little or no technical knowledge, as well as explaining some very important, but somewhat complicated to implement, such as public key cryptography. Let’s make cryptography a part of your communication lifestyle.