Make DMs Safe – Day of Action

, United States, 21 October 2022

Hosted by Fight for the Future

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Everyone should be able to communicate securely with friends, family, coworkers, and customers online, without the fear of hackers, cops, or creepy company employees accessing our messages.

But most major platforms don’t use end-to-end encryption to protect DMs. This has already caused harm to communities targeted by police surveillance, and now, as lawmakers in the US and around the world pass legislation attacking our most basic human rights, it’s more urgent than ever that platforms secure the communication tools we rely on every day.

On Global Encryption Day, we’re calling on supporters of encryption everywhere to sign the open letter demanding default E2EE for all direct messaging tools and platforms (, and help amplify the campaign on Twitter and Instagram as part of a social media Day of Action (follow @fightfortheftr on both for content to repost and retweet, or check out the social media toolkit: