Citizen digital skills in digital security: cases and realities in Chile

Auditorio de la Facultad de IngenierĂ­a, UPD. - Ejercito 441, Santiago de Chile, Chile, Chile, 17 October 2023, 14:30 to 16:00 UTC

Hosted by ISOC Chile

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Within the framework of the celebration of Global Encryption Day 2023, and the month of Cybersecurity in Chile, ISOC Chile Chapter proposes the realization of this seminar – workshop to address the issue of the development of digital skills in the area of cybersecurity, according to the Framework of Digital Competences for Citizenship, DigComp 2.2, published in October 2022. This framework provides a framework to identify and describe the key areas of citizen digital competencies, their development and assessment. This tool, developed based on what was identified by the European Union, seeks to contribute to the improvement of citizens’ digital skills, help the institutions responsible for politics to formulate policies that support the development of digital skills and plan education and training to improve the digital skills of specific groups. In addition, this framework has been adopted by different institutions and countries in the world, since 2013.

In the area of security, Digcomp 2.2 proposes 4 lines of work that are: protection of devices, content, personal data and privacy in digital environments; protection of the physical and psychological health of citizens; awareness about digital technologies for well-being and social inclusion; awareness of the environmental impact of digital technologies and their use.

The seminar will specifically address the Digital Competence Framework for Citizenship (DigComp 2.2) in the area of security, presented by the ISOC Chile Cybersecurity Working Group, together with an analysis of the comparison of cases and realities in Chile based on the knowledge, skills and attitudes proposed in DigComp 2.2.