Empowering Net Wardens: Bridging Communities through Encryption, Digital Rights and Inclusion

Ugunja, Siaya, Kenya, 21 October 2023, 06:00 to 10:30 UTC

Hosted by Kijiji Yeetu

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The Global Encryption Coalition is set to champion #MakeTheSwitch and mark Global Encryption Day on the 21st of October. This initiative underscores the critical need for robust online encryption among both internet users and tech companies.

The forthcoming workshop aims to unite a diverse array of participants, including community members, local organizations, partners, and other relevant stakeholders deeply concerned with digital safety and identity. It seeks to foster dialogue and enhance institutional capacity within this community. Valuable insights from industry and academia experts will be a highlight of the event, as speakers from universities, local community organizations, and various domains will actively participate.

The primary objective is to inspire members to embark on their journeys in the realm of digital technology while equipping them with a deeper understanding of the imperative role they play in ensuring digital security and technological advancement. Our distinguished experts will not only showcase their work and experiences but also offer alternative perspectives to educate and empower our community.