Your Encryption Stories

SecureCrypt features industry leading security features and strong, E2EE to secure global voice and data communications. Immune to electronic interception, electronic eavesdropping, and brute-force attack attempts. All data is fully end-to-end encrypted at all times, both at-rest and in-transit, along with all metadata being encrypted. Owning our own infrastructure means we are a truly independent and secure solution. SecureCrypt also uses no server storage whatsoever, all encryption keys are created by the user on the device during initial configuration. SecureCrypt or your wireless provider can not see your data. Our mission statement makes clear that SecureCrypt was built on the foundations of privacy and security. “SecureCrypt is committed to delivering innovative technologies and services that safeguard sensitive information and promote the free exchange of ideas, while upholding the highest standards of integrity and trust.” SecureCrypt uses hardware/firmware, application, memory, and cellular network based protections to safeguard your mobile communications. All communication occurs within the SecureCrypt app which sits inside an encrypted partition of an encrypted device, with hardware tamper-proofing, secure boot, enhanced memory protections, and other hardware security so attempts to access the phone with forensic tools won’t be possible. All GPS, Bluetooth, and other device sensors are disabled at the kernel level and cannot be communicated with. USB port is only enabled for charging. SecureCrypt is a proud member of the Global Encryption Coalition, and participates in advocacy work surrounding encryption and privacy.
Christopher, CEO / Founder, SecureCrypt

Nowadays, censorship and cybersecurity issues are on the rise. Owing to the centralized nature of big tech platforms, every message sent by users is stored on their central cloud servers. This centralization turns user data into an enticing resource for powerful entitie and advertising firms.

User data privacy and ownership have been completely stripped away!

And here we present a solution: WireMin. As a decentralized social network, WireMin provides a communication and socialization environment that champions privacy, anonymity, and security, bolstered by robust end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Every direct message, voice call, video call, file transfer, even feed post is E2EE, ensuring that only the sender and the intended recipients can view the content.

Consequently, users on WireMin will never face data leaks or censorship, and they can maintain 100% anonymity. User privacy is our top priority.

Sophie K, BD Manager, WireMin

At Session we provide a safe, secure, and simple-to-use space for people to communicate with each other. Session is an end-to-end encrypted messenger that minimises sensitive metadata, designed to protect people’s privacy every time they have a conversation.

We believe everyone should be able to say no — no to having their information collected, stored, and shared without their consent or control. End-to-end encryption is the foundation for all things private and secure on the internet, and it should be a basic standard for the technology we all create and recommend. Session believes in encryption not only for chat apps, but for everything we do on the internet.

We are working to ensure that the apps and services we use every day respect people’s rights and support people working to create a better world.

Alex, Director, Session

As technology continues to advance, data privacy and security have become increasingly important. End-to-end encryption has become a popular solution for protecting data from prying eyes. It is a technique that encrypts messages or data in such a way that only the sender and receiver can read them, and nobody in between, including service providers or government agencies.

As a provider of products or services that utilize end-to-end encryption, we are proud of the added layer of security and privacy we are offering to our users.

Furthermore, offering our encryption technology for free to non-profit organizations and government agencies is a demonstration of our commitment to social responsibility.
These organizations often work with sensitive data and require a high level of security to protect it. By offering our encryption technology for free, we are helping them achieve this goal and making a positive impact on society.

coen, CMO, eighttoseven

Myntex Inc. is a private software development company building end-to-end encrypted mobile solutions. We manage our world-class custom data center onsite in our Canadian headquarters. Myntex believes everyone has the right to privacy and that E2EE is essential.

Our flagship product, ChatMail™, uses tamper-proof hardware and the strongest encryption algorithms available to secure your communications. You cannot send or receive unencrypted messages with ChatMail. Your data is never stored in plain text. Only you control your private cryptographic key. ChatMail is trusted around the world and perfect for activists, journalists, lawyers, professionals, and individuals who need to guarantee their communications are private.

Third-party apps are not allowed on ChatMail. We remove access to internet browsers, GPS, USB, Bluetooth, and Hotspot connectivity. This eliminates risks to privacy and security introduced by data mining and malicious actors. ChatMail locked-down phones provide protection from eavesdropping, hacking, malware, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, phishing, spyware, viruses, and more.

Myntex is constantly innovating. We created one of the world’s first security-focused mobile operating systems, Renati, based on the Android Open Source Project. Paired with ChatMail, our proprietary Renati Mobile Device.

Today Myntex is Canada’s largest encrypted communications provider trusted by over 40,000 clients worldwide. We take pride in delivering true security and safeguarding the reputation and privacy of ChatMail subscriber’s.

Lorissa Dong, Marketing Manager, Myntex
ISOC IGF Youth Ambassador

Strong encryption systems (extending encryption) in the better protection of human rights, and the fact that the two aspects reinforce each other, hence creating a virtuous cycle.

Encryption ensures that the data stored on computer systems, those on cloud computing such as Apple and Google, and those being transmitted through computer networks, including the Internet, are protected. It ensures that only those intended to receive the message do.

Additionally, encryption assists in the maintenance of the Internet model of development as it ensures that the information flow in the internet does not fall into the control of a few governments and private sector institutions.

Vincent Mwando, Engineer., ISOC IGF Youth Ambassador

Privacy has always been essential for our team – it’s the core of all solutions we’ve built so far.
Developing PrivMX Fusion, a compact digital workspace for internal business collaboration, we wanted to use the most reasonable technology that ensures privacy.
End-to-end encryption makes it possible for our users to keep total control of their data. It protects all communication, content and sensitive information from any third-party access and makes PrivMX users the sole owners of their intellectual property. We’re proud to offer an alternative, more responsible and privacy-oriented solution for the future of work.

Kasia Toczko, Chief of Communications, PrivMX

Since adopting end-to-end encryption in 2016, WhatsApp has secured more than 100 trillion private messages for over two billion users. We believe that people should have the ability to have a private digital conversation just as we can in person. We’re proud to advance and defend privacy and security that will only become more important in the years to come.

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt started with a mission to get the Web to 100% encryption – we want everyone to be able to experience a more secure and privacy-respecting Web. Encryption also helps site operators to have assurance that their content is being delivered as intended. We’ve made great progress toward that goal and are committed to continuing to expand the use of secure communication via encryption.


At Proton we offer end-to-end encrypted products including email, calendar and VPNs. We believe people should have the right to decide for themselves who can access their personal data and that the best way for a company to protect user data is by not having it in the first place. Using end-to-end encryption as standard is the best way to make this happen and we are proud to offer these services. Put simply, at Proton we believe in your right to privacy.
A person’s emails and calendar contain private, personal information that offers an unparalleled insight into their life. Letters to friends and colleagues, shopping receipts, events, flight confirmations: they create a highly personal stream of data. Over the years this data builds up and can be used to construct an in depth profile of a person. Most people think of their inbox and calendar as private, but since most major providers do not use encryption as standard this simply isn’t the case. Proton is working to create an internet that has privacy as the default setting by building a suite of encrypted services giving users control over who has access to their personal data.
Our intent, when creating ProtonMail, was not only to improve online privacy, but to also protect at risk groups such as democracy activists, campaigners, and journalists. Today ProtonMail is the world’s largest secure email service, and our technology protects more than 50 million registered users around the world. We are thankful that so many people are signing up to encrypted services, together we can make the privacy revolution happen.