At Proton we offer end-to-end encrypted products including email, calendar and VPNs. We believe people should have the right to decide for themselves who can access their personal data and that the best way for a company to protect user data is by not having it in the first place. Using end-to-end encryption as standard is the best way to make this happen and we are proud to offer these services. Put simply, at Proton we believe in your right to privacy.
A person’s emails and calendar contain private, personal information that offers an unparalleled insight into their life. Letters to friends and colleagues, shopping receipts, events, flight confirmations: they create a highly personal stream of data. Over the years this data builds up and can be used to construct an in depth profile of a person. Most people think of their inbox and calendar as private, but since most major providers do not use encryption as standard this simply isn’t the case. Proton is working to create an internet that has privacy as the default setting by building a suite of encrypted services giving users control over who has access to their personal data.
Our intent, when creating ProtonMail, was not only to improve online privacy, but to also protect at risk groups such as democracy activists, campaigners, and journalists. Today ProtonMail is the world’s largest secure email service, and our technology protects more than 50 million registered users around the world. We are thankful that so many people are signing up to encrypted services, together we can make the privacy revolution happen.