Encryption: An Obligation and Not an Option

Kinshasa, Congo (Democratic Republic of the), 21 October 2022

Hosted by Numex

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Every day encryption safeguards the personal security of billions of people around the world and the national security of all countries.

Strong encryption is a fundamental part of how we stay secure online and offline. This means that people can communicate with another person securely knowing that no one is listening or tampering with their messages. On this Day, we will show how encryption enables vital practices like journalism, freedom of speech and whistleblowing, protection of critical and personal data.

Despite this, governments around the world are stepping up their attacks on end-to-end encryption, end-to-end encryption is the gold standard for security in a world where everyday life is increasingly online. Governments see it as an obstacle for law enforcement. But systematically weakening people’s digital security is not the solution. We must push back against government efforts to undermine encryption.