The Art of Encryption and Its Role in Protecting Privacy: Encryption within Everyone’s Reach

Royal Palace Hotel, Bujumbura, Burundi, 22 October 2022, 07:30 to 11:30 UTC

Hosted by Internet Society Burundi Chapter

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we are planning to have 4 panelists ( from the private and public sectors) who will talk about ” encryption ” with 40 participants onsite and remote participants approximately 30 participants
interaction between : ICT Policy makers, ICT regulator, software developers, internet solutions/platforms providers, ISOC chapter members , students , ICT women associations , Local ICT hubs

The event will aim to Demystify encryption & why encryption matters in the context of the growing use of digital communications and the relative importance of end-to-end encryption and focus on how encryption is a tool for “trust” and strong internet between users and providers of digital solutions/platforms
Myself , as one of the moderators: we will guide the debates and ensure that the recommendations that will come out of the workshop can lead to the contribution of start-ups and private sector/internet solutions providers involved in “encryption” so they can support different sectors (public , private , academia ,medias and civil society ) in the digitization of their activities, taking into account the aspect of “encryption” as a security and trust tool