Investigation of private communications: risks and impacts beyond breaking encryption

Online, Brazil, 19 October 2023, 22:00 to 23:30 UTC

Hosted by Institute for Research on Internet and Society

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As encryption poses challenges for law enforcement agencies worldwide, this workshop explores three so-called “alternative” methods of investigating private encrypted communications (1. Instant Messages Traceability, 2. Client Side Scanning, and 3. Government Hacking), which promise to preserve encryption, human rights, and investigation efficiency.

The Brazilian perspective will be explored, combining presentations, case studies, and group discussions, allowing participants to engage with experts, law enforcement representatives, human rights champions, and civil society activists. Valuable insights into investigating private encrypted communications and the associated legal, technical, and ethical considerations are expected. By the end, the goal is to reach a well-rounded understanding of these three unneeded methods to the audience, and how this theme have shaped the brazilian experience in terms of criminal investigations. The webinar’s purpose is also to shed light on the sensitivity and importance of the agenda and the need to engage in protecting strong encryption.