IV Encryption, Policy and Fundamental Rights Seminar

Remote, Brazil, 19 October 2023, 13:00 to 18:30 UTC

Hosted by Law and Technology Research Institute of Recife (IP.rec)

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The “Encryption, Policy and Fundamental Rights Seminar” is an event organized by the Law and Technology Research Institute of Recife (IP.rec), founder member of the Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean (AC-LAC) and member of the Global Encryption Coalition. As last year, the fourth edition of our Seminar will take place around the Global Encryption Day to contribute to the expansion of the movement’s importance.

On Global Encryption Day 2023, we will debate interactions between privacy and children’s rights, analyzing how anti-encryption policies in the Global North, such as Online Safety Bill (UK), ChatControl (CE) and the STOP CSAM Act (USA), impact legislative decisions in the Global South, mainly from the Brazilian perspective.