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GPD and the Internet Society’s Global Encryption Hub Arms Advocates with Powerful Tools for Action

Global Partners Digital (GPD) proudly launches a new encryption resource hub, developed with support from the Internet Society.

Today, Global Partners Digital (GPD) proudly launches a new encryption resource hub, a complete one-stop-shop dedicated to equipping the global advocacy community with a robust set of tools for effective, targeted action.

Developed with support from the Internet Society, the hub includes an expanded version of the GPD’s popular World Map of Encryption Laws and Policies. The revitalized Map not only provides a digestible, country-by-country overview of encryption laws and policies worldwide, but now also offers in-depth assessments of the state of play for encryption in each country. The new assessments feature, in combination with the complete global overview, enables advocates to utilize new dimensions of insight vividly rendered via a “traffic light” visual interface. With the capacity to explore and contrast global encryption data, trends, and pathways, the new Map gives encryption defenders a simple and effective way to learn about laws and policies around the world and identify where they can take action.

As a location for crowd-sourced intel, the hub includes a dedicated channel for user submissions and suggested Map corrections. Up-to-date monitoring and research functions powering the Map will also benefit from the Internet Society’s global network of chapters, whose deep local expertise will help to maintain the accuracy of the resource.

GPD’s complete resource hub and interactive Map will serve as dynamic tools for the encryption advocacy community, journalists, and human rights defenders worldwide. As a detail-oriented project with a cooperative approach, the hub provides a rich crowdsourcing opportunity for collaboration among encryption advocates around the world, marking a step forward in forming a united front to protect encryption globally.