Nowadays, censorship and cybersecurity issues are on the rise. Owing to the centralized nature of big tech platforms, every message sent by users is stored on their central cloud servers. This centralization turns user data into an enticing resource for powerful entitie and advertising firms.

User data privacy and ownership have been completely stripped away!

And here we present a solution: WireMin. As a decentralized social network, WireMin provides a communication and socialization environment that champions privacy, anonymity, and security, bolstered by robust end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Every direct message, voice call, video call, file transfer, even feed post is E2EE, ensuring that only the sender and the intended recipients can view the content.

Consequently, users on WireMin will never face data leaks or censorship, and they can maintain 100% anonymity. User privacy is our top priority.