SecureCrypt features industry leading security features and strong, E2EE to secure global voice and data communications.

Immune to electronic interception, electronic eavesdropping, and brute-force attack attempts. All data is fully end-to-end encrypted at all times, both at-rest and in-transit, along with all metadata being encrypted.

Owning our own infrastructure means we are a truly independent and secure solution. SecureCrypt also uses no server storage whatsoever, all encryption keys are created by the user on the device during initial configuration. SecureCrypt or your wireless provider can not see your data.

Our mission statement makes clear that SecureCrypt was built on the foundations of privacy and security.

“SecureCrypt is committed to delivering innovative technologies and services that safeguard sensitive information and promote the free exchange of ideas, while upholding the highest standards of integrity and trust.”

SecureCrypt uses hardware/firmware, application, memory, and cellular network based protections to safeguard your mobile communications.

All communication occurs within the SecureCrypt app which sits inside an encrypted partition of an encrypted device, with hardware tamper-proofing, secure boot, enhanced memory protections, and other hardware security so attempts to access the phone with forensic tools won’t be possible.

All GPS, Bluetooth, and other device sensors are disabled at the kernel level and cannot be communicated with. USB port is only enabled for charging.

SecureCrypt is a proud member of the Global Encryption Coalition, and participates in advocacy work surrounding encryption and privacy.