Global Encryption Coalition (GEC-SC) contribution to the ongoing discussions at the UN’s Global digital compact.

This week, the Steering Committee of the Global Encryption Coalition (GEC-SC) contributed an important statement to the ongoing discussions at the United Nations concerning the Secretary General’s Global digital compact.

The attached PDF contains a statement read by a representative of the GEC-SC to the UN, Mallory Knodel, articulating the expert insights and proposed amendments from the GEC-SC aimed at protecting and extending the use of strong encryption to protect human rights. As an assembly of over 400 civil society organizations, businesses, and academic entities from more than 100 countries, the members of the GEC are committed to advocating for encryption that supports and protects human rights worldwide. To that end, the GEC-SC submission details specific suggestions for enhancing the draft of the Global Digital Compact to better align with international human rights norms and standards.