Global Encryption Day

Make the Switch on Global Encryption Day. 

Increasing the use of end-to-end encrypted platforms not only keeps you and the people you love safe from hackers and thieves, but also improves the security of the Internet as a whole. That is why this Global Encryption Day every person, business and organization should make the switch to using strong encryption.

Global Encryption Day is an opportunity to tell governments around the world that protecting and strengthening encryption is crucial to making the Internet safer for their citizens. It will send a message to governments to abandon plans that will weaken encryption, and the Internet as a whole, by granting law enforcement agencies special powers to access your private data on encrypted platforms.

On Global Encryption Day, the Global Encryption Coalition wants people from all over the world to Make the Switch to end-to-end encrypted platforms. This will help create a safer, more secure Internet for everyone.

Secure end-to-end encryption makes life safer for everyone. It protects the safety of you and your family. End-to-end encryption enables law enforcement to tackle organized crime, helps journalists expose corruption and is critical for national security to protect society from terrorists, criminals, and hostile governments.

Make the Switch to end-to-end encryption on Global Encryption Day and build a more secure Internet. 

The inaugural Global Encryption Day took place on 21 October, 2021.