Safer Internet Day Statement of the Steering Committee of the Global Encryption Coalition

Image alt text: On a white background, from left to right: CDT’s logo, in grey and light blue gradients; GPD’s logo, in a yellow, red, and black mosaic; and the Internet Society’s logo, in dark blue. 

The Center for Democracy & Technology, Global Partners Digital, and the Internet Society, constituting the Steering Committee of the Global Encryption Coalition, issued the following statement regarding Safer Internet Day

People around the world are observing Safer Internet Day today, February 8. Security is key to a safer internet where users can communicate freely and privately with those they trust. Encryption is a vital security technology that enables such communication. End-to-end encryption holds the promise of confidentiality, ensuring that only the sender and the intended recipient(s) of a message can read it. It is crucial for making sure vulnerable communities including children, marginalized groups, LGBTQ+ communities, and human rights defenders have safe spaces online.

Despite this promise, the UK’s Online Safety Bill and the U.S.’s EARN IT Act are recent examples of proposals that threaten the safety of everyone online by attacking our ability to use encryption. Governments worldwide must protect the use of strong encryption as part of any solution to promote a safer internet.